Hastings Air Force Station / Hastings Radar-Bomb Scoring Site

Hastings AFS 1962 - 1968 (Air Defense Command ID: SM-133, NORAD ID: Z-133)

A part of the second phase of radar networks deployed by Air Defense Command in the 1950s, Hastings Air Force Station would not actually activate until 1962 in time for the Cuban Missile Crisis

Providing long-range radar coverage over central Nebraska, it's location was carved from the northwest portion of the then active Naval Ammunition Depot (once responsible for 40% of naval munition production in World War II).

The site was decommissioned in 1968 along with Omaha Air Force Station as a general draw down of search radars within the United States. Today it is abandoned / under private ownership.

Hastings Radar Bomb Scoring Site (Detachment 10, 10th Radar Bomb Scoring (RBS)

Remaining structures at former Hastings Air Force Station, 2010

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