Ainsworth Army Airfield

Ainsworth Regional Airport

Between August and November, 1942, Ainsworth Army Airfield was established as a satellite base of Rapid City Army Air Field. Ainsworth would increase in importance and become a center of P-39 and P-47 training during World War II

World War II

As Ainsworth was built as a satellite field of Rapid City AAF, the 2,403 acre site would consist of 64 buildings. 200 Native Americans from the Sioux Reservation in South Dakota came to Ainsworth to help build the site. 1,200 workers would eventually come to build the site. A hangar, a warehouse, repair and maintenance shop, link and bomb trainers, Norden bombsite vaults and barracks for 600 personnel would be built.


The 364th Fighter Squadron from Casper AAF would train on site with P-39 fighters, while the 53rd fighter Squadron from Scribner AAF with P-47s would serve later.

The base would close on December 31, 1945, and by late 1948 the USACE would issue a revocable license to the city of Ainsworth for a commercial airport. 

21st Century

A few buildings from World War II remain, however the field provides air service with 4,000 aircraft operations in 2011.


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